Stone Carving

At Colibri Etching & Stone Carving, we create a variety of engraved stones that can be custom engraved with your personalized message and graphic.  Custom engraved stones are a natural choice to enhance the beauty of your business and home.

Whether your engraved stone is used as a memorial, a pet memorial, an address stone, a garden stone or a wedding gift, it will serve as a unique reminder of friendship and love for many years to come. 

Our engraved stones also make unique and touching gifts, so let us engrave your expressions of love, humour and passion into a one-of-a kind, personalized stone keepsake.

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The Process

Stone engraving, stone carving, rock etching & rock carving are just some of the terms used to describe the engraved stone process.  This process is very similar to the glass etching process but instead of using a laser to create the mask/stencil, a plotter is used to cut the rubber resist.  The resist-protected rock is then blasted with a very coarse abrasive which removes rock from the unprotected areas.  Air compressor pressure and time are use to control the depth of the engraving. 



All stonework​ starts at $150/sq. foot, which includes sandblasting resist, abrasive, colour-fill and computer set-up time.  Additional charges would include the stone, unless supplied by the customer, and image vectorization costs (min. $25), if required.   

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Pet Memorials

Pets have long been a part of our lives and many are considered to be members of the family.  As such, they are deserving of the same attention both in life and in death.

When experiencing pet loss, many pet owners wish to memorialize them and choosing a unique memorial for a beloved pet is a beautiful way to honour the impression they made in your life.


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Memorial Stones

The loss of a loved one or the passing of a special friend or companion is a traumatic and life-changing event.  Many people wish to memorialize their loved ones with a memorial stone that will serve as a unique reminder of the friendship and love that you shared. 

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Garden Stones

Engraved garden stones make wonderful, unique gifts for birthdays, wedding favours, Mother's Day or any special occasion and will serve as a unique reminder of friendship and love for many years to come.  

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Wedding Stones

Wedding stones are a very unique gift for the bride & groom. Our personalized engraved wedding stones, anniversary stones & oathing stones are timeless and unique keepsakes that will mark that special date or occasion.  

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Address Stones

An engraved address stone can greatly enhance the beauty and value of your home and business property.  It can be mounted on your home, placed in your front garden or on your lawn. 



These unique stone and metal creations can add a little whimsy to your home or garden.  

Larger critters can be used as doorstops.

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Pocket Rocks


Engraved palm stones, pocket stones, word stones, hope word stones, wish stones, worry stones or blessing stones are engraved with your special message to be displayed, shared with family & friends, or tucked away to pass on to the next generation. “For a lasting keepsake write it in stone”

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Coasters & Trivets

Stone coasters and trivets are unique gifts that can be customized to suit any style or occasion.   

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