Glass Etching

Memorialize special events such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays on glassware such as picture frames, wine glasses, wine bottles, vases, or mirrors. Etch windows or doors to add beauty and privacy to your home, cottage, or business.     

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The Process

Engraving glass involves physically carving your design into the surface of the glass.  Our standard method of engraving is sandblasting but for certain complicated designs, a laser engraver is also used.

A stencil-like mask of your design is created and placed on the glass.  The glass is then sandblasted using a fine abrasive. The areas of glass under the mask are protected, while the areas of glass not covered by the mask are engraved away. When the mask is removed, your design appears as frosted white on the glass surface.  The design is now a permanent part of the glass, will never wear off or fade away and is dishwasher safe.



Glass creation prices are based primarily on the sandblasting process used. 

Surface etching starts at $75/sq. foot whereas multi-layer carving starts at $150/sq. foot. Additional charges would include the glass surface, colour-fill, and image vectorization costs, if required.

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Coaster Sets

Coaster sets make great gifts or wedding favours.  They can be personalized for any occasion.

glass coaster sets engraved laser engraved sandblasted elliot lake gift


Everyone loves flowers so why not have a beautiful and unique vase in which to display them!

glass vase etched laser sandblasting elliot lake

Stemware & Glassware

If you’re looking for the perfect wine glasses you’ve come to the right place! Colibri Etching, Stone Carving & Laser Engraving can create beautiful wine glasses personalized to meet your business and personal needs!  Bring new meaning to “the perfect wine” by drinking it from the "perfect wine glass"!

wine glass stemware laser engraved etching sandblasting birch trees wedding elliot lake

Wine Bottles and Gift Sets

Don’t be just another gift in the pile!  A personalized wine gift creates a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience that will not be quickly forgotten.

Personalized wine bottles are great gifts for any occasion:  holidays, special days, wedding and wedding party gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements...

wine glass stemware etched engraved laser wine box gift set elliot lake wedding anniversary

Glass Frames

Accentuate your favourite photos with personalized or customized frames.

Great for birth announcements, wedding invitations, graduations, etc. 

glass frame etched engraved sandblasted birth announcement wedding  elliot lake


Help your home or cottage stand out from the rest with a customized entrance door.

Create visual interest in your bathroom with etched shower doors and dividers.  Jazz up your kitchen with etched kitchen cabinet glass inserts.  The possibilities are endless.


door customized etched sandblasted kitchen cabinet  doors  elliot lake


Etching windows for privacy is a great way to deflect the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by without sacrificing the flow of natural light. You don’t need to sacrifice your privacy to let a little sunlight in. 

While entire windows can be etched, smaller etched glass panels can also be used to create privacy or add a decorative touch to your windows.

stained glass etched sandblasted window mutli-level blasting elliot lake


Add a distinctive flair to your home with artistic mirrors created using a variety of sandblasting effects. 

mirror customized etched sandblasted elliot lake